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Heart-to-heart Talk Ribbon Embroidery Kit

Code number: K-027


Produced by: Little OwlTM Smart Crafts (Kiev, Ukraine)

Designed by: Tatiana Popova


Skill level: Advanced
Finished size: 20x12cm
Kit price: $58

To order this kit please email me to all_popov@bigmir.net


This kit for silk ribbon embroidery includes:

100% natural silk ribbon of all the necessary colours and sizes to stitch the design; stranded cotton thread, Chenille needles, printed panel ready to embroider, step-by-step instructions in English with lots of photographs and a guide to all the stitches used (in English as well).


To see the usual content of our kits, please follow the link to an article in my BLOG on ribbon embroidery:



Contact information:
Email: all_popov@bigmir.net
Phone number: +380 67 450 26 50 (Tatiana)
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Finished and framed embroidery piece: $580.


















Order email: all_popov@bigmir.net




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The bestseller book on silk ribbon embroidery: follow the link to see more details about The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book by Tatiana Popova.



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This kit is for Ribbon Embroidery Contest
Welcome to take part in it!






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More information about ribbon embroidery books can be found here.

Schedule of ribbon embroidery classes and workshops by Tatiana Popova is here.

Welcome to browse for some more natural silk ribbon to purchase!

Choose your favourite printed pannels for embroidery, following the link.

Ribbon embroidery history and some useful information is awailable on that page.



And here is my Blog on ribbon embroidery and more. Enjoy!





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  3. Татьяна

    Вот, недавно получила письмо от человека, который сейчас вышивает этих сурков. "Татьяна, здравствуйте! Хочу просто поделиться своими впечатлениями! Подготовила сурков к вышивке! Читаю инструкцию, и думаю, как Вы смогли ТАК детально и наглядно всё объяснить! Столько нитей и лент, но никакой путаницы! Так интересно! ВОСТОРГУ НЕТ ПРЕДЕЛА! БРАВО! Ваши наборы заменяют мне курсы по вышивке! С наилучшими пожеланиями, Анастасия."

  4. Tatiana Popova

    Dear Amber, Thank you for your choice. Yes, I have posted to South Africa and I will gladly do it for you. Could you write to my email address: all_popov@bigmir.net (as I do not want to give you some necessary details here, on my website, you know). Thanks for understanding and looking forward to getting your letter. Or you can write here your email address so that I will be able to write to you first. Thank you.

  5. Linda Hunter

    Hello Can you please tell me the cost of kit no. K-027. Heart to heart. , and the postage. Australia 5159. Regards Linda. lindajhunter42@gmail.com



  7. Tatiana Popova

    Thank you, Gina.