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silk ribbon embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery kits, books on ribbon embroidery, bespoke embroidery

Company name: Little Owl SmartCrafts TM


- goods for silk ribbon embroidery (kits, books, silk ribbon);

- goods for crewel embroidery (templates)


- teaching (giving master-classes, workshops and master-show);

- custom-made embroidery (bespoke embroidery)

Business owner: Tatiana Popova

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

ribbon embroidery goods shipping, worldwide delivery for silk ribbon embroidery books


Order email:

Order telephone:  +380 67 450 26 50, Tatiana


Payment terms:  PayPal

(we also accept Western Union and MoneyGram)

Delivery: airmail

All the details on shipment and payment will be provided to you in email letter.