Gift certificates

craft online project on ribbon embroidery, soutache embroidery and quilling; buy natural silk ribbon and hand-made presents, owl, art, design, SRE, Show, exhibition, festival, EuropeLittle Owl TM smart crafts online project offers Gift Certificates for birthday, Mother`s Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year and other holidays.

We have Gift Certificates for $50, $100 and $150. Each Certificate is for purchasing goods or using our services. They are:

- natural silk ribbon,

- kits for ribbon embroidery,

- printed pannels for embroidery,

- quilling paper.

as well as

- workshops on ribbon embroidery,

- workshops on soutache technique,

- workshops on quilling.


Our gift certificate is a perfect present for they are both useful and gives options for choice. Besides, giving such a present you will show how deeply you appreciate The Golden Hands of the recipient!