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The chosen silhouette is filled with a beautiful spiral of paper stripes. You can choose any kind of paper you like. There is a wonderful option created specially for crafts and card-making: cotton ribbon, made in the USA. 

Moreover, modern designers use iris-folding to decorate bags and clothes. For they take stipes of fabric and leathure to do it.



Anyway, it is worth mastering iris-folding to decorate lots of things or just to have fun creating a few astonishing greetings cards.

How to do iris-folding (step-by-step instructions)
1) Choose an iris basic template. You can browse for them in the i-net, (e. g. here). Or you may create one on your own.

There are several kinds of iris basic templates, each based on this or that geometrical figrue (a triangular, a square, a pentagon, a hexagon). For an example let us make a square iris template.

Draw a 10 x 10 cm square and make a mark on each side, stepping 1cm to the left from each corner. Connect the four dots with lines to get a new square, which is a bit smaller then a first one an turned clockwise inside it. Pay attention to the triangles which are formed by the sides of the two squares. We will need them later. Continue making marks and drawing squares in the same way until all the space inside the first square is filled. 

What we have got now is a square, full of triangles. We need to number them. Mark the first four triangles with 1 to 4. The next four are 5 to 8, etc. It does not matter whether you work clockwise or in the contral direction, juts move the same way you have started.

Now we have a square basic iris template. The others are worked either in the same or in a similar way.
2) Choose an icon for decorating. Its silhouette should be clear enough to understand, which figure it is.
3) Take a piece of decorative card paper and cut out a shape of your icon.
4) Choose a fitting shape of iris template.
5) Take a bottle of a good paper glue and start fixing the stripes of paper in place.
Put an iris template on the table and cover it with a card paper with a cut out silhuette.

The stripes of paper used for iris are usually about 7 to 10 cm long and 2 or 3 cm wide. You can also choose paper of a different colour for each side of your iris template. You can also use paper, generally used for gift wrapping.

Fold the stripes along in half. The folded edge fits better for decoration in iris-folding technique.

Glue the first stripe to the back side of your greetings card so that it covers the triangle number 1. Then repeat the same about number 2, etc. Put some glue - just two dots - only on the two ends of the stripes. Your iris greetings card is finished.

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