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"Little Owl" Ribbon Embroidery 

Kit Collection

Information for craft lovers and shop owners.



"Accessories and decorating clothes",

"Bouquets and still life",

"Framed greetings",

"Gohua" (Chinese watercolor),

"Decorative pillows",

"Christmas tree aroma",

"Birds and animals",

"Selebrated artists",


"Kitchen decor",

"Legends and fairy-tales",


"For newborn",

"Unbelieveable things",


"Together with Mummy" (embroidered miniatures)

"Wedding accessories",

"Tropical fish",






"Jewellery Boxes",



"Market of ideas".


Thus "Little Owl" ribbon embroidery kit collection will include: embroidered printed pannels, embroidery on hand-painted background, embroidered fabric, clothes and accessories. There will be kits matching all skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Some advices on how to choose a proper kit for a present.

1. Together with Mummy" and  "Sketches" both include small projects, which will do nicely for small girls.

2. Embroidered pannels will be included to "Gohua" (Chinese watercolor)"Selebrated artists""Bouquets and still life""Landscapes".



Produced by: Little OwlTM Smart Crafts (Kiev, Ukraine)

Designed by: Tatiana Popova

To make an order please feel free to contact me at

You can also find some interesting facts and some useful information regarding SRE here. Natural silk ribbon for embroidery is also available.

Follow the link for more information about ribbon embroidery classes by Tatiana Popova.


You are most welcome to visit Kiev for our Craft Show and Doll Salon, as well as to have a wonderful tour around the ancient and so beautiful city of Kiev!


  1. Hi, Love the initial K but would need the initial L. Do you have that? Would also like to see the newborn one. Thank you Eleanor Swanson

  2. Tatiana

    Hi Eleanor, Thanks for your comment. Letter L... I wish I have it, but not yet. Too huge plans... I have started the Monogram serie, but stopped for I needed to do other urgent things. But I promise to create Letter L design as soon as possible - probably in October. I am finishing three new designs for ribbon embroidery kits - I have to prepare them on time. Great Kiev Craft Festival "Masters Golden Hands" is coming - and I should be ready! I will email you when I prepare it. :))