Origami is paper poetry and alive geometry. It is a fairy-tale, created by adults, who feel themselves children. It is a touch to misterious Japanese culture with its attractive and modest charm.


craft online project on ribbon embroidery, soutache embroidery and quilling; buy natural silk ribbon and hand-made presents, owl, art, design, SRE, Show, exhibition, festival, EuropeHere are some ideas and interesting facts about origami.

Firstly, I would like to tell some words about outstanding american origami teacher Lilian Oppengamer. If I am not mistaken, it was she who invented ORIGAMI FAIRY-TALES, showing her endless love to children and the art of origami. It is not in vane, that for The Day of Origami in the United States it was chosen October, 24 - that is her birthday.

 This lady managed to make thousands of children and adults love origami. She created the first Origami centre in New-York and started publishing "The Origamian" bulletin. Due to her work, origami being almost unknown in America up to the middle of XX century became popular. She has beat a world record in teaching origami: she had been teaching it up to her 93! 

March, 14 is another Date for origami modern history. It is Akiro Yoshizawa`s birthday. He has developed a special diagramming system used to describe the folds of origami models. If used properly, no more text is needed for explanation. That was certainly very helpful for origami popularzation.

You will find a lot more links to online resources of modern origamists here. Do not mind the site is in Russian, just follow the links.

There are some animations, devoted to origami. The most touching one is over here.

Browse here for origami base folds.


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Enjoy folding kusudama magic spheres - just browse on the i-net for your favourite one!

Modern designers are making origami folds from fabric!

For origami greetings cards, follow the link.

And visit this Web-site for inspiration!


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