Origami quiz

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Little Owl online project is trying to help teaching origami and playing with small children.


The Russian version of this page shows how to organize origami holiday.


It is arranged based on children`s poems about origami from the "Origami" Russian magazine.

(Still they are in Russian , and it is impossible to translate them properly!..)

   Origami Quiz
1) Who was the first to invent paper? Where did it happen?
2) For how long had Chinese people managed to keep paper technology top secret?
3) How was paper brought to Japan?
4) What is older: paper or the city of Kiev? (You can certainly choose another geographic object on your own.)
5) What were the first origami used for?
6) What is a samurai?
7) What did samurai use origami for?
8) Where else was origami used?
9) Who created origami ABC?
10) Who helped to open origami schools in America?
11) How old is origami?
12) Does origami have a "second Motherland"?    
    The answers
1) Tzai Lun in 105 BC.
2) For more than 7 centuries.
3) That secret was brought to Japan by a monk named Dan-ho.
4) Paper is.
5) To use in religious rituals.
6) They were Japanese noble militaries.
7) As entertament for ladies during the balls and to fold secret letters.
8) For holidays, home decoration and for weddings.
9) Akiro Yoshizava. And it was only about 70 years ago.
10) Lilian Oppengamer.
11) About 1500.
12) Yes, e.g. Spane, Northen Africa and Latin America.


To continue playing with children using origami, you can create a map for a misterious country of Oriland. For e.g., its borders may look like those of Japan. The names of its rivers, towns, lakes can be borrowed from origami basic forms.

You can also make the state flag and coat of arms, using origami folding.

Or something like that, just play around and any children will consider you to be their best friend!


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