Quilling workshops

квиллинг мастер-класс Киев

About six years ago I became fond of quilling. And I suspect, it is a life-long passion for quilling is just charming.

The lace which appears seems to be created by itself, and you feel like you have found yourself in a fairy-tale.

Due to inexpensive material and not too much theory you need to know to get started, the way to that fairy-tale is not too far!

Total workshop duration is 6...9 hours.

Cost of a 1 hour workshop (materials included) is:

for individual workshops - $15

a small group of 2-3 persons - $10

a group of 4-6 persons - $7

Usual time schedule is 2 or 3 days, 3 hours with a break.


You will make (on your choise) мастер-класс по квиллингу Киев :

magnets, flower stickers, small souvenirs, greetings cards, appliques;

napkins, snowflakes, small boxes, candlesticks, frames, etc.

You will study:

ways of making basic quilling patterns, how to work with quilling paper of differens size, how to connect elements to each other, Wheatear Coils (techniques and tools), 3-D quilling and tight coils, different fringed flowers, 2 types of my own "Meander" pattern and ways of using it, and a lot more.




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Quilling workshop program.

1) Basics: materials, instruments, useful advice.

2) Close loose coils.

3) Open coils.

4) Wheatear coils.

5) Fringed flowers.

6) 3D quilling: dolls and animals.

7) Crimped paper,  "Meander" and "Zigzag" patterns.

8) Storage of finished projects and making new templates. Ways of using quilling.





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