Roses in Chinese Vase

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Roses in Chinese Vase Ribbon Embroidery Kit

Code number: K-012

Produced by
Little OwlTM Smart Crafts (Kiev, Ukraine)
Designed by Tatiana Popova
Kit price: $41


This kit includes:
100% natural silk ribbon of all the colours and widths needed;
embroidery thread,
a printed panel ready to embroider,
Chenille needles and
step-by-step instructions with lots of photographs +
a guide to all the stitches used.
To see the usual content of our kits, please follow the link to an article in my BLOG on ribbon embroidery:
Skill level: Intermediate
Finished size: 59 x 49 cm
Additional information:

The cost of the finished embroidery is $225.


... Legendary egg-shell china and the queen of flowers…
Feel yourself an artist, painting the background.
A perfect opportunity to study embroidering Ann Cox’ roses!
A rather laborious project, but is not it worth doing to touch a mystery?

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