Rosy dreams

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Rosy dreams kit for silk ribbon embroidery

Code number: К-022


Produced by: Little OwlTM Smart Crafts (Kiev, Ukraine)

Designed by: Tatiana Popova


Kit price: $26
This kit includes: 100% natural silk ribbon of all the colours and widths needed; embroidery thread, a printed panel ready to embroider, Chenille needles and step-by-step instructions with lots of photographs + a guide to all the stitches used.
To see the usual content of our kits, please follow the link to an article in my BLOG on ribbon embroidery:
Skill level: Beginner.
Finished size: 24 x 20 cm.
Additional information:
You are welcome to purcase a printed pannel only. It is $10.
There is a curtain and a tulle on the background of the picture. As both of them have been already printed, you can live them as they are. Still if you want to embroider them to create 3D effect, there are some tips on how to do it. Meanwhile, you can easily create the way of your own. Please pay attention that material for curtain is NOT included.

To make an order please feel free to contact me at

You can also find some interesting facts and some useful information regarding SRE here. Natural silk ribbon for embroidery is also available.

Follow the link for more information about ribbon embroidery classes by Tatiana Popova.


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  1. Glenva Nowlan

    Will You ship to Australia and accept payment by PayPal. Thank you Glenva

  2. Tatiana

    Yes, I will. I can ship to Australia. But at present Ukrainians can not accept payment by PayPal, I am sorry. It is due to PayPal system. Some people in my country do some actions against the legistlation to accept it, but I will not. Please, excuse the inconvenience. Could you email me to I will email you the details. Thank you for understanding.