The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book

Splendid news: a new book by Tatiana Popova on silk ribbon embroidery was published in October, 2016

and is now available to purchase from our website. The book is USD30 + free worldwide shipping.


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+380 67 450 26 50, Tatiana

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The author of the book, Tatiana Popova is  ribbon embroidery author, teacher and designer based in Kiev, Ukraine.Tatiana gives classes and workshops on ribbon embroidery worldwide. She is the author of  Silk Ribbon and Embroidery ribbon embroidery textbook for beginners.

She also developes series of kits on silk ribbon embroidery for Little Owl SmartCrafts TM.


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Languages: English, Russian

ISBN: 978-966-97085-8-8

Number of pages: 208

Size: 86х122/16 (210 х 295mm)

Cover: paperback

Year of edittion: 2016

Book price: USD30 + free worldwide shipping


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book on ribbon embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery designs, ribbon embroidery book for beginners to buy, beginner stitch guideA tip from the author:


COMPARING my two books in silk ribbon embroidery, the essential difference is that Silk Ribbon and Embroidery first book was a sort of textbook on ribbon embroidery classics. Besides, all the 16 designs of the book are placed in the definite order, starting from the simpliest ones to the most complicated.


The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book is revealing modern trends in the art of ribbon embroidery. They are shown in totally new techniques, designs and ideas. You will master dosens of new options on how to use finished designs, ribbon leftovers and what is silk ribbon able to! :)


Still, the emphasis in the book is for beginner skill level again. 12 of the 20 designs given in the book are for Beginner skill level. Besides, the book contains instructions to 43 essential ribbon stitches united intor five clusters of the updated Ribbon Tree® system of stitch mastering. It will help remember them all quickly and easily.


On the other hand, the author tried her best to make the book attractive to highly-skilled ribbon artists as well. The book shows unheared-of ideas, designs and ways of embroidering!


Enjoy your reading and stitching!

With very best wishes, Tatiana Popova author of the book.


The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book shows:

- 20 designs for ribbon stitching developed for different skill level;

- Some designs are from Little Owl SmartCrafts seriеs (like The Twelve Cups or Fu-ku-ro Lucky Owls).

- A lot of options on how to use the stitched desings (wall-hanging samples, cards, tea-cosy, needlekeeps, New Year tree decoration, appleaques, decoration for a bag or an albom cover, etc).

- 20 totally NEW author`s tips and techniques on how to embroider with silk ribbon.

- Ways of making use of ribbon leftovers.

- Stitching flowers in silk ribbon. You will master embroidering roses, chrysanthemum, daisies, sunflowers, dahlias, peonies, primroses, nasturtium, delphinium, lilies of the valley, cherry blossom, hellebore, daffodils, etc.

- Moreover you will learn how to create flower baskets, Easter eggs, cute little owlets and... even fish!!!


Welcome to visit our BLOG on silk ribbon embroidery for detailed information about The Seasons book.


To order this ribbon embroidery book email or call +380 67 450 2650 (Tatiana). The book is USD30 and shipment to any destination is free!



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Desings included to The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book


Meadow Lady Guest


Lilies of the valley

Autumn`s Birthday


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From Olga`s Garden


Your Day


Road Under the Sun


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Spring Owlet Summer Owlet Autumn Owlet
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Winter Owlet

Cup of August

(sunflowers, delphinium)

Cup of February

(daffodils and primroses)

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Easter Wreath

(Easter eggs, dahlias)

Christmas Star

(embroidered Chrismas wreath)

Wedding Wreath

(peonies, cherry blossom)

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A bouquet for Mother`s Day


Koi Carp Heart Window. Roses
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Christmas Rose


Cup of January

(New Year tree)

   новогодняя вышивка лентой, вышивка лентами новогодняя елка, шелковая лента для вышивки, купить книгу по вышивке лентой  






In "The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery" book you will find:

20 designs for silk ribbon embroidery of different skill level:

10 projects for beginners,

6 projects of Intermediate skill level,

4 projects of Advanced skill level.


10 ideas of how to use embrodiered artworks, including wall-hanging pieces, postcards, broches, tea-cosy, pincips, embroidered apron, bag, decoration for photo albom and for jewellery box.


20 newest author`s tips and techniques of stitching with silk ribbon.


Lots of ideas of usage ribbon left-overs.


10 kinds of flowers worked with silk ribbon, including: different kinds of roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers, peonies, prime-roses, nasturtium, lilies of the valley, fruit blossom.


...and not the flowers only! There will be samples of embroidered: baskets, Easter eggs, New Year Trees, owlets and even... fish!



Welcome to find out more details about the book in my BLOG.


To order the book, email us or contact us via cell phone +380 67 450 2650 (Tatiana).




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Little Owl SmartCrafts TM

exhibits at

"Craft.BusinessAndHobby" International Art and Craft Fair and Show:

Kiev, Brovarsky Ave, 15

(International Exhibition Centre)






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  5. Tatiana Popova

    Gina, we send our goods worldwide, so it is possible to ship it to Ecuador as well. Regarding the cost: the book is going to be published in a month (mid October, 2016), so I will know the cost by that time. You will find the info here and on my FB page. Thanks!

  6. Tatiana Popova

    Pham le quynh, thanks for comment. The book is going to be published in October 2016. Give me your email please and I will let you know by then.

  7. Татьяна Попова

    Получила такое письмо: Hello Tatiana, Please let me know when your book is published and where to place my order for it. I am bursting to get my hands on it. Going by what I see of your work on Facebook, it will be a great resource for all embroiders out there. Thank you and kind regards, Valda Jennings Что сказать? Спасибо, Valda за добрые слова. Конечно же, проинформирую, когда книга выйдет в свет. :)

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    Having received a letter today: "Dear Tatiana, Just to let you know that my book arrived today! It is absolutely lovely with so much information in it. I am looking forward to stitching some of the projects soon! I think I will have to get some of the prints from you early next year when Christmas is over! Your extremely happy customer. (Heather Seamons, Australia)"