Snowdrops and forger-me-not

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Snowdrops and Forget-me-not kit for silk ribbon embroidery

Code number: К-007


Produced by: Little OwlTM Smart Crafts (Kiev, Ukraine)

Designed by: Tatiana Popova


Kit price: $22
This kit includes: 100% natural silk ribbon of all the colours and widths needed; embroidery thread, a printed panel ready to embroider, Chenille needles and step-by-step instructions with lots of photographs + a guide to all the stitches used. BONUS: you will also get a template to stitch the design a second time if you would like to, selecting the materials on your own. Just if you would like to!
To see the usual content of our kits, please follow the link to an article in my BLOG on ribbon embroidery:
Skill level: Beginner.
Finished size: 20x20cm.

This kit includes: 100% natural silk ribbon; stranded cotton embroidery thread, a piece of fabric, one Chenille needle and a coloured template with step-by-step instruction and detailed photographs.
Skill level: Intermediate.


Additional information:

The finished item is $85.


To make an order please feel free to contact me at

You can also find some interesting facts and some useful information regarding SRE here. Natural silk ribbon for embroidery is also available.

Follow the link for more information about ribbon embroidery classes by Tatiana Popova.


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  1. Debra Daniel

    Hello! I just found your site on Pinterest & I lOVE your work. Your kits are very affordable wich I personally appreciate! I do have just (2) questions though. 1. Do you include any extra ribbon for mistakes? 2. Are shipping charges to the United States very much (if you know)? Thanks! Debra

  2. Tatiana Popova

    Hello Debra, Thank you very much, it is so kind of you. (I just LOVE the way Americans make stress on the words. No other English speaker seems to do so! :))) I feel as if I have heared your voice.) Let me answer the second question first, showing you an example: probably most of our foreign customers are from the United States. Australia comes next. Thus I resume, people do not consider the shipment cost to be too high. Of course, if you buy three kits, the shipment will make less persentage of the total (comparing to what it does for just one kit). And about the extra ribbon. Yes, all the kits are supplied with more ribbon than I personally used while stitching the design for the first time. Of course, it is not an endless ammount, you know. Still quite a lot, so that people usually confess they have some extra ribbon remained after the stitching is finished. But please do not regard it as "ribbon included for mistakes! :) No mistakes, please. Ribbon embroidery is a kind of free-form embroidery, thus do not be fixed to a definite shape of stitches, for their shape will vary every time - and that is lovely, is not it? No two designs stitched identically are possible! :) My email is (And I will appreciate our email correspondence.)