There Where Spring Comes From

`There Where Spring Comes From` Ribbon Embroidery Kit

Code number: К-026

Kit price: $23
Skill level: Beginner
Finished size: 19.5 х 28cm
This kit includes:
100% natural silk ribbon;
stranded cotton embroidery threads,
a printed pannel for embroidery,
Chenille needles,
step-by-step instructions and
a guide to all the stitches used.
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NEW! Bestseller!

--- Ribbon Embroidery Kit

Code number: К-

To order this kit please email me to or call me: +380 67 450 26 50.

Kit price: $--.
You can also purchase the finished embroidery, it is $---.


This embroidered project was exhibited in:

- Milwaukee, USA (June, 2014).

 This design is from the book Silk Ribbon and Embroidery by Tatiana Popova

Produced by Little Owl SmartCraftsTM (Kiev, Ukraine)
Designed by Tatiana Popova
The watercolour is Catharina Klein (1861-1929)
The licenced watercolour is by Inga Paltser
Skill level: ---
Finished size: -- х --cm
This kit includes: 100% natural silk ribbon, embroidery thread, printed pannel ready to embroider, Chenille neeldles, detailed step-by-step instruction in English. All the stitches used for this design are explained in the instruction as well.

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  1. Tatiana

    Dear Darlene, To order a kit you should prepay its cost ($25) + the shipment cost in full and give me your postal address. Please let me know your country and I will let you know the sum for the shipment and the other details.

  2. DarleneMoore

    How can you order your kit THERE WERE SPRING COMES FROM is the one I would like, thanks Darlene

  3. Linda Hunter

    Hello, Could you please advise me of the total cost of this kit. K026 There where spring comes from. Posting to Australia 5159

  4. Tatiana Popova

    Hello Linda, Thank you for your comment. The cost of this kit is $25 and the posting to Australia is $12. Thus it makes the total of $37.