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Речь пойдет о приятном: о праздниках и встрече гостей.

 - Как сделать Ваш домашний празник веселым и запоминающимся;

- дарить НЕСРЕЗАННЫЕ цветы;

- придумать полезные оригинальные подарки к праздникам.

И еще об экскурсиях. Ведь, к счастью, у каждого из нас есть такое сокровище: ДРУЗЬЯ. И иногда наши друзья живут далеко, и когда приезжают к нам в гости, сразу попадают в чужой город и превращаются в туристов. А порой эти туристы говорят не по-русски. 

Как правило, впервые приехавшему в чужой город иностранцу с головой хватит обзорной экскурсии. И осмотра главных достопримечательностей.


В качестве эпиграфа ко всем статьям хочу взять знаменитые слова Михаила Булгакова:

Нет на свете города красивее, чем Киев.



St. Michael`s Cathedral

While approaching St. Michael`s Golden-Domed Monastery, which is located in Mykhailivska Square not for from St. Sophia Monastery, one feels, that their bell-towers face each other as if they were native sisters. Indeed, both monasteries are almost of the same age. It might have a similar faith as well, but in 1934 the Soviet Power blew up the monastery, remaining only St. Joan`s Refectory Church.


St. Vladimir`s Cathedral

The cathedral is unique for being built during the reign of4 emperors, 3 metropolitans and under the guide of 5 architects. And it is one of the last Kievtamples built before the revolution 1917. This110-year-old cathedralwas constructed to commemorate the 900th anniversary of Kiev Russ baptizing. Therefore it is dedicated to Saint Prince Vladimir, who baptized Russ and made Christianity official state religion.


St. Andrev`s Church

You may probably have heard of the famous Russian Tsar Peter the Great, who founded St. Petersburg and brought a fresh energy to political, economic and military development of Russia. His daughter Elizabeth, having become Russian Empress, once arrived to Kiev and ordered to build a church on one of Kiev hills. She wanted to construct a summer residence for herself, consisting of a palace and a church.


St. Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral is a world famous monument of the first half of the 11th century. It was built by Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise and got its name from the Greek word sophia which means wisdom. The 11th century was the time when art, education and culture prospered and Kiev became one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and Asia. Prince Yaroslav forged ties with European states, destroyed Pecheneg hordes


The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is a unique fortification monument, some parts of which have survived until nowadays. It was constructed in 1017-1024 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Historians still quarrel as to the origin of its name. Some of them think it reminds the famous entrance to Constantinople. Others consider that to pass it through one had to pay a coin of gold. The third version says it took its name from gilded decorations.